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Sean Lennon attempts to start brawl at music festival

Sean Lennon attempted to start a brawl after performing at a music festival this weekend, it has been claimed. The son of the John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who is also a musician, is reported to have picked a fight with another performer – because he didn’t like his hair cut. Singer Jayne County, whose bassist was the victim of the abuse, said she was furious that the late Beatle’s son had behaved in such a way. The singer fumed: “It angers me that Sean Lennon, son of John – a member of the Beatles, who I love – can be so drunk and narrow minded to pick a fight with my bass player because he’s got a Mohawk.” Jayne continued saying she believed Lennon was jealous because of the female attention her band were receiving saying he was “insecure”. She said: “He was surrounded by girls and thought my bass player was competition so he started picking on him. The incident occurred at the All Tomorrows Parties music festival – held in Sussex at the weekend – where both he and Yoko were performing, and Jayne County added that Lennon’s words came to causing a violent scuffle. She continued: “Security had to step in and separate them or blood would have spilled.”