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Guitar Wolf Meet The Masses

Since forming 17 years ago in Tokyo, Guitar Wolf have been using their razor sharp teeth (they are wolves after all) to rip stages apart across the world. One of the top garage rock bands in Japan, their chaotic mix of punk and rock ‘n’ roll has allowed them to gain the respect of their fellow carnivores. Whether they be fans, critics, or musicians, everyone seems to love Guitar Wolf. Proof of just how adored the trio are by their peers surfaced last summer when Sony imprint Ki/oon Records released the tribute album, I Love Guitar Wolf Very Much, in the group’s home country. The disc featured artists such as The Blues Explosion, J Mascis And The Fog, The D4 and Jim O’Rourke unleashing their takes on some of the classics from Guitar Wolf’s raucous back catalogue. When asked which of the covers he likes best, guitarist and singer Seiji, the guitar wolf himself, is quick to reply, “All of them.” Those unfamiliar with Seiji and his fellow wolves Billy (bass wolf) and Toru (drum wolf) will get the chance to check them out this week when they play in Montreal and Toronto. Touring in support of their most recent release, Love Rock, the band are currently howling across North America in search of what Seiji likes to call his “friend wolves.” With mating season quickly approaching, it would appear that Seiji and his bandmates may be on the prowl for a different kind of wolf as well. “Wolves respond to other wolves calls. The friend wolves from all around come to see us wherever we are. We love blonde wolves.” When asked how Guitar Wolf have managed to stay so damn cool for such a long period of time, Seiji answers matter of factly, “We were born with it. Can’t change it.” He does however share the group’s secret for getting themselves fired up for one of their energetic and usually unforgettable live performances, “We brush our teeth with tequila.” Not wanting to exclude any up and coming wolves from his pack, Seiji offers a final bit of advice to those who wish to answer the call of the wild and learn how to blow the minds of other animals with their musical prowess. “How you look on the stage is the most important. You got to have a look that deserves to be on the stage,” he says. “The spirit of the band and the action must keep people’s attention all the time. You must remember these things.”