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The Futureheads:: 3/6/05 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA (Live show review)

Straight from the off, The Futureheads race away, leaving anyone not paying attention clearly behind – it’s loud, it’s fast and it kicks some serious arse. It’s hard to describe it sound wise, but there are things that stick out. The band have that balls-to-the-wall immediacy of XTC on speed, the Telecaster twang of the Pixies, the nerdish charm of early Gang of Four, all matched against the oddball quirk of 80s new wave pioneers Devo, all seemingly processed through David Byrne’s mixer. It’s a hell of a sound, I can tell you that. – And as soon as they start, there’s no stopping them. It’s a 45-minute pounding sonic fusion of all that’s so energetic and so passionate about punk, new wave and lo-fi rock. And rock it does. Crazed harmonies and the fist pumping crowd swaying throughout the set, The Futureheads don’t disappoint. A great new band with a great live show. Catch em’ if you can. (RIYL:: Gang of Four, XTC, The Jam)