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New Albums, Reissues On Pollard’s Post-GBV Plate

Guided By Voices called it a career with a two-show blowout late last month in Chicago, but frontman Robert Pollard is quickly moving forward. Beyond his usual cavalcade of projects, We learned Pollard is even in negotiations to be involved in a hush-hush soundtrack for a soft-porn film to be lensed by a major Hollywood director. To kick-start his solo career, Pollard assembled recordings of his best-known alcohol-fueled stage rants and recently released them under the name “Relaxation of the A**hole” in a limited run of 500 vinyl copies via his Rockathon imprint. Next up will be a Pollard solo single, “Zoom,” which will arrive on 7-inch vinyl and CD single via Fading Captain on Feb. 28 for online orders and April 11 via traditional retail outlets. A March 29 online/April 11 retail release is also penciled in for a colored vinyl LP version of GBV’s 1986 album “Forever Since Breakfast,” which will be limited to 1,000 copies. May 9 will bring a six-song EP from Moping Swans, which features Pollard teamed with former GBV bassist Greg Demos and drummer Jim MacPherson, plus guitarist Tony Conley, from Pollard’s pre-GBV metal outfit Anacrusis. Pollard describes the music here as “jagged” and more “post-punk”-oriented than GBV’s recent output. On the same day, Fading Captain will issue the fourth album (titled “Five”) from Pollard’s Circus Devils project with GBV producer Todd Tobias. A vinyl reissue of GBV’s 1992 album “Propeller” will come out in early summer via Scat Records. The set will be adorned with the handmade cover design from the first numbered copy of the original album. A tentative early summer release is also in the cards for the CD debut of the Hazzard Hot Rods’ “Big Trouble,” now titled “Bigger Trouble” thanks to the inclusion of seven bonus tracks. The set was previously released on vinyl in 2000 and chronicles an early ’90s set by Pollard and one-time GBV members Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell and Larry Keller recorded in the back of a video store. In the fall, Pollard will unleash a 26-track, double-disc solo album, “From a Compound Eye,” on a label to be announced. “It’s got all four P’s: pop, punk, prog and psychedelic,” the artist says of the collection. Around the same time, former GBV bassist/Spin editor James Greer will publish the authorized GBV book “Hunting Accidents: A Brief History of Guided By Voices” via Grove/Atlantic, while Pollard will release the second volume of his literary magazine, Eat. Digging further back into his sizeable archives, Pollard has assembled “As Forever,” a second collection of pre-GBV recordings under the Acid Ranch moniker. This album will be released in the fall by Rockathon in a limited vinyl run of 300 copies with handmade sleeves. If all goes to plan, the year will be crowned in December with the release of the “Suitcase II” boxed set, assembling previously unreleased recordings from the Pollard treasure trove. Issued in 2000, the first volume included 100 unheard songs spanning Pollard’s lifetime. And while no live performances are in the cards until the fall, Pollard is expected to be on hand for the annual Guided By Voices “hoot” tribute on March 17 at Emo’s in Austin, Texas, as part of the South by Southwest Festival. (B.B.)