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JOSH HOMME and NICK OLIVERI could be back working together as early as this year. The longtime Queens Of The Stone Age and Kyuss collaborators have been estranged since Homme sacked Oliveri in mysterious circumstances last year. But now, Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen has told Playlouder that fans hoping for a reunion may not have to wait long. “Nick’s going to make another Mondo Generator record and we’ll probably all end up playing on it,” said Leeuwen. “It’s that understood. Him and Josh are brothers, you know.” Leeuwen also explained how he himself feared that the Queens Of The Stone Age were over when Oliveri left. “I thought ‘what am I gonna do now?” he explained. “There were a lot of questions. Looking at it now I wouldn’t say that I’m glad he’s gone because he’s a great artist but I would say that it’s okay that we’ve changed and it’s gonna get even better. Things change and you’ve gotta roll with what’s going on.” The band release their album ‘Lullabies To Paralyze’ on March 21, and Leeuwen was quick to explode one particular myth surrounding album track ‘Everybody Knows You’re Insane’. “A lot of people think it’s a reference to Nick, and I can understand why they say that but it’s absolutely not,” he explained. “We know a lot of people and some of their behaviour is insane and it doesn’t have to be violent or whatever. It could be talking about a large number of people. It could be the whole general public of the United States!”