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AllofMP3 Under Attack—Probably Doomed

It was bound to happen—only a question of when. AllofMP3, the Russian download service that sold music by the megabyte in formats and bitrates chosen by the user, has been under investigation by the Russian police. The recommendation at this point is that the service be prosecuted for operating criminally. AllofMP3 has steadfastly maintained that it offers a catalog cleared by some Russian agency, and I have never seen a clear explanation of what that agency is or how much authority it has to clear a global inventory of tracks. Most suspiciously, bands such as The Beatles, which do not authorize online release of their music, were well represented in AllofMP3. But the service is beautiful, providing a degree of customization undreamed of by iTMS and other services, all of which seem like stark rip-offs by comparison. It is still operating as of now.