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THE FLAMING LIPS have titled their new album ‘AT WAR WITH THE MYSTICS’. And frontman Wayne Coyne has revealed that he wants Cat Power to guest on the follow-up to 2002’s ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’. The star told Entertainment Weekly: When in doubt, start with a title. ‘At War With the Mystics’. If you think it’s cool, it sounds good to me!” Coyne said of the potential collaboration: ”Cat Power seems like she’s willing to do a big range of things, and I’m always looking for some mystery element that lets us explore new territory.” He added: ”We’ve been using more computers and gadgets, but trying to make them sound more organic and less electronic.” But whatever the record sounds like, Coyne is confident that things will go well – as long as the band stick to their guns. ”You’re always gaining and losing your audience, so you gotta do what you love,” said Coyne. ”And if The Flaming Lips can’t do what they want, who can, you know?”