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Audrey Tatou nabs “The DaVinci Code” female lead

Variety is reporting that Audrey Tatou (Amelie) will play the lead female role of Sophie Neveu in “The DaVinci Code” opposite Tom Hanks and Jean Reno (Leon). Ron Howard will be directing off a script by Akiva Goldsman (“A Beautiful Mind”) for Sony/Columbia Pictures. Shooting is scheduled to begin in May. Based on the bestselling novel by Dan Brown, Hanks will take on the role of Professor Robert Langdon, who is called into question regarding a mysterious death at the famous Louvre Museum. Tatou plays a cryptologist who helps Langdon solve the clues regarding the death, which they find leading up to a conspiracy that the truth to thousands of years of history could all be hidden in many works of art and monuments. Jean Reno will play detective Bezu Fache, who is on the run looking for the two. (Cinema Confidential)