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Oasis bidding war

Oasis are reported to be the subject of a bidding war. The Manchester band’s current record contract with Sony expires in the summer leaving them free to sign with a new record company. According to The Sun, both EMI and V2 are believed to be offering three-album deals worth £15 million but Sony are also likely to attempt to re-sign the group. A source told the tabloid: “Various record labels have been waiting patiently for the contract to end. Now it’s a question of who puts the most money down on the table.” “Everybody wants Liam and Noel. They are still an act who can sell millions of records.” In a recent interview about Oasis’ forthcoming studio album Noel Gallagher implied that they might be looking to leave Sony. He said: “We’ve written 66 songs between the four of us… but we didn’t want to give that much to Sony as its our last album with them, so fuck ’em.” Liam Gallagher said of the album: “It sounds good… we just need to get it mastered and then put it in the cover and away we go.” The album, rumoured to be titled “Don’t Believe The Truth”, is tipped for released on May 16.