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Monday, January 31, 2005

Kingblind Download’s (Mashed Edition)

‘Paperback Believer’ Beatles / Monkees (Music Video)


Ray of Gob:: Sex Pistols-Madonna (Music Video)


LOSE MY FREEDOM:: Destiny’s Child / Devo


ALIVE AND NELLIFIED:: Nelly / The Mooney Suzuki /Mansun / Outkast / The Doors / Alicia Keys / The Wicker Man Soundtrack


Prefuse Plans Tour, Tickles Ivories

Prefuse 73 leader Scott Herren is preparing to spend the spring and summer on the road in support of his upcoming album, “Surrounded by Silence,” due March 22 via Warp. Herren said the trek, which will feature labelmate Beans and rock act Battles, will begin in late March in Japan and then move into Europe. North American dates are expected to get underway in May. As for who will actually be on stage with Herren on a given night, the artist admits, “it’s reformulating itself on its own. Different people are coming in and out. What the final configuration will be, I’m not really sure yet. Everybody I tour with is usually in another band.” Another challenge will be reproducing the highly collaborative tracks from “Surrounded by Silence,” which features such guests as El-P and the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah on the single “Hideyaface” and fellow Wu members Masta Killa and GZA on “Just the Thought.” “We’ll probably do a really, really loud instrumental version of those, I guess,” Herren speculates. “We’ll take the instrumentals as far as they can go for the tracks that don’t have people on top. But how will we do the beats without people on top, and make it transcend and be recognizable? I hope it’s not like, ‘where the f*** are all these people?’ Sorry, I can’t bring 20-some people on tour!” Herren is also sitting on the debut album from his Piano Overlord project, which he expects will be released sometime this summer by Chocolate Industries. As the name implies, the album is an instrumental affair dominated by Herren on piano and features drumming by Tortoise/The Sea & Cake mastermind John McEntire. “It’s about the subject of island immigrants and laws imposed by the United States upon them,” Herren says. “It reflects the plight of somebody that was from a worse-off state and comes here to the United States to find just as much bullsh*t to deal with, not to mention having it launched upon you by the Bush administration.” Far from the dreaded rock opera, Herren says the project is “the first time I’ve ever really, really, really painted a picture where it’s like, leaving a certain place, going across the water, finding things here and going through stages. The pianos sound like all different kinds of instruments.”

Here is the track list for “Surrounded by Silence”:

“I’ve Said All I Need To Say About Them (Intro)”

“Hideyaface” featuring Ghostface and El-P

“Bad Memory Interlude One”

“TV Versus Detchibe” featuring Tyondai Braxton

“Expressing Views Is Obviously Illegal”

“Pastel Assassins” featuring Claudio and Alejandra Deheza

“Pagina Dos” featuring the Books

“Silencio Interlude”

“Now You’re Leaving” featuring Camu

“Gratis” (Pedro vs. Prefuse)

“We Go Our Own Way” featuring Kazu (Blonde Redhead)

“Mantra Two” featuring Tyondai Braxton

“Sabbatical With Options” featuring Aesop Rock

“It’s Crowded” featuring Claudio Deheza

“Just the Thought” featuring Masta Killa and GZA

“La Correccion Exchange” featuring DJ Nobody

“Hideyaface Reprise (Shaolin Finale)” (Reminder + Prefuse Notate Small Ensemble Version)

“Morale Crusher” featuring Beans

“Minutes Away Without You”

“Rain Edit Interlude”

“And I’m Gone” featuring Prefuse vs. Piano Overlord vs. Broadcast vs. Cafe Tacuba

Lou Barlow:: EMOH (Album Review)

The quality of Lou Barlow’s songwriting hasn’t dipped much over the years, but throughout his recent trip from Sebadoh to The Folk Implosion to The New Folk Implosion, Barlow’s passion seems to have fallen off. In his lo-fi days, he invested warped experiments and haunting ballads with an equal amount of heart, but over his last couple of albums, even the best songs sound oddly flat. Barlow’s first real solo album, EMOH, shuffles just about all the styles that the alt-rock veteran has tried throughout his career, from chamber pop to murky grunge to hissy acoustic laments, and it features guest appearances from Sebadoh and Folk Implosion colleagues Jason Loewenstein, Russ Pollard, and Imaad Wasif. The album feels like a summation. It also feels as naggingly undercooked as most of Barlow’s work this decade. Of course, Barlow’s such a skilled tunesmith that EMOH is listenable anyway, especially early on. The gently peppy album-opener “Holding Back The Year” makes quiet yearning sound adventurous, and the track that follows, “HOME,” spreads an intensely morose electronic hum across one of Barlow’s typical fits of sympathetic navel-gazing. But by track three, the Folk Implosion-styled tick-tock pop move “Caterpillar Girl,” longtime Barlow fans may rightly wonder if he has anything new to offer, or if he’s going to keep returning to modes and moods that he’s long since mastered. Even the album’s later high points—the toe-tapping, hopeful “If I Could,” the glib “Mary,” and especially the rich, slowly spiraling “Confused”—sound a little too cautious. Again, it’s not like EMOH is a bad record by any stretch of the imagination. For listeners unfamiliar with Sebadoh and Folk Implosion, EMOH might actually make a good entry point into Barlow’s varied discography, since it relies on all his gifts. But coming from a man who pioneered warts-and-all home recording, and who often gets cited as a progenitor of emo’s soul-baring DIY ethic—a dual legacy that the album’s title mocks and embraces—this set of songs disappoints with its unwillingness to take real chances. Seemingly afraid to sound foolish, Barlow now sounds just okay. —Noel Murray- Onion

Friday, January 28, 2005

Kingblind Download’s

Low:: Live in San Francisco


Mountain Goats:: Live in Philly


The Zombies – Odessey And Oracle


Oingo Boingo:: Boingo Alive


The Smiths:: Strangeways, Here we come


Siouxsie and the Banshees:: Peepshow


Buzzcocks To Share ‘Philosophy’

Iconic U.K. punk quartet Buzzcocks will follow up its self-titled 2003 comeback album with an all-new studio disc this year. Due in late summer or early autumn through Merge, the album, which is still a work in progress, is tentatively titled “Flat Pack Philosophy.” 2005 looks to be a busy year for the band, with a series of live dates confirmed for the U.K. between March and May. Notable among them is a “Spirit of ’77” show in Manchester with the Slits’ Ari Up and 999 on March 11. Another show dubbed “Academy in the U.K.” is slated for May 1 in Birmingham and will also feature the Stranglers and Stiff Little Fingers. A Merge spokesperson says plans are tentative for North American tour dates to coincide with the forthcoming album’s Stateside release.

Matador signs NYC’s Early Man

After making a name for themselves in the clubs of New York City, two-piece metal bastards Early Man have landed themselves a worldwide deal with hipsters Matador Records. The duo of Adam Bennati (drums) and Mike Conte (guitar, vocals) (They have a rotating bass player slot, currently filled by Dave Pajo from Slint), have already announced their first UK date, and will be playing the Slint-curated ATP at Camber Sands. The duo will release an EP on Canda’s Monitor Records in April from tracks originally recorded as a demo. The band will soon be back in the studio to record their first full length album for Matador Records, with a tentative release date for Autumn 2005.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Kingblind Download’s (Album Edtion)

Roni Size:: In the Mode


Weezer – maladroit, pinkerton, the blue album, the green album


Pulp Fiction:: OST


Beastie Boys hit new videogame soundtrack

The Beastie Boys will be seen and heard in the forthcoming PlayStation2/Game Cube/Xbox title “NBA Street V3,” due Feb. 9 from Electronic Arts. Digitized versions of each member of the veteran rap trio will appear as unlockable characters in the game, meaning they are added into the playing options as bonuses once gamers have achieved certain goals. Mike D, MCA and Adrock sport New York Knicks gear in the game and each has individual that affect game play depending on the mode. The in-game soundtrack will sport “An Open Letter to NYC,” a cut from the Beasties’ latest studio set, “To the 5 Boroughs” (Capitol). They headline a track listing that includes cuts from De La Soul, House Of Pain, MC Lyte, Elephant Man and Guerilla Black.

Sirius and XM radio to merge?

Satellite radio rivals Sirius and XM have been cozying up to each other, The NY Post has learned. While talks have not advanced far, executives from both sides have been meeting lately to discuss the possibility of a merger, according to several sources close to the matter. Sources say the executives have not yet discussed price. They have, however, been weighing any potential antitrust concerns that would arise from a deal, which would create a monopoly in the nascent satellite radio business. The two companies have talked in the past about merging, but the discussions never got to an advanced stage. But in the wake of Sirius’ hiring of former Viacom President Mel Karmazin in November, the issue has gained renewed urgency, sources said. “Mel is a roll-up guy, a deal guy,” said one source close to Karmazin. While many people in the media industry say it’s inevitable the two companies will eventually merge, sources say a deal could be at least a year away. A spokesman for Sirius said, “as a company we do not comment on rumor or speculation.” An XM spokesman did not return a call seeking comment. The satellite radio industry is currently a Federal Communications Commission-licensed duopoly, and both XM and Sirius are hoping they can convince the FCC to redefine the market to include all content over wireless broadband services. As mobile technology in the United States advances, XM and Sirius are hoping the FCC will consider satellite radio as part of the broader industry of delivering music and other content through mobile devices, such as cellphones, say sources. A merger between XM and Sirius — neither of which is yet profitable — would alleviate a price war for premium content and allow the two companies to save significant amounts of money on marketing costs. Merrill Lynch analyst Laraine Mancini said in a conference call earlier this week that one of the chief risks of investing in the companies’ stock is a potential price war and “irrational bidding” for content. Last year, Sirius announced a blockbuster $500 million deal to bring Howard Stern from traditional radio to satellite radio beginning in 2006. While some hailed the deal as a milestone for the fledgling sat radio industry, some on Wall Street said the company overpaid.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Kingblind Download’s

Coldplay 2003-02-13 Los Angeles, CA


Green Day 2005-01-15 Sporthalle – Boeblingen, Germany


The Arcade Fire 2005-01-17 The Casbah: San Diego, CA


Loads of Queen


Oasis bidding war

Oasis are reported to be the subject of a bidding war. The Manchester band’s current record contract with Sony expires in the summer leaving them free to sign with a new record company. According to The Sun, both EMI and V2 are believed to be offering three-album deals worth £15 million but Sony are also likely to attempt to re-sign the group. A source told the tabloid: “Various record labels have been waiting patiently for the contract to end. Now it’s a question of who puts the most money down on the table.” “Everybody wants Liam and Noel. They are still an act who can sell millions of records.” In a recent interview about Oasis’ forthcoming studio album Noel Gallagher implied that they might be looking to leave Sony. He said: “We’ve written 66 songs between the four of us… but we didn’t want to give that much to Sony as its our last album with them, so fuck ’em.” Liam Gallagher said of the album: “It sounds good… we just need to get it mastered and then put it in the cover and away we go.” The album, rumoured to be titled “Don’t Believe The Truth”, is tipped for released on May 16.

Apple iTunes sells 250 million songs

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) – With its music downloads selling at a rate of more than a million per day, Apple Computer Inc. said Monday customers have purchased more than 250 million songs from its online iTunes Music Store. The store, now available in 15 countries, is selling 1.25 million songs at 99 cents US apiece per day, the computer and multimedia company said. Apple helped invigorate the market for legal music downloads when it launched the iTunes store in April 2003. Its robust sales far outpace rival services. The success is due in part to Apple’s wildly popular IPod portable music players, which do not play songs purchased from competing online music stores. The Cupertino-based company sold 4.5 million IPods in the fourth quarter and more than 10 million since its debut in October 2001. Shares of Apple rose 65 cents to $71.14 in afternoon trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The stock has traded in a 52-week range of $21.70 to $74.42.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Kingblinds Download’s

The Arcade Fire 2005-01-21 – Emo’s – Austin, TX


The Killers 2004-11-06 Columbia Club – Berlin, Germany


Rolling Stones 1981-10-14 the Kingdome (Seattle, WA)


The Killers:: Mr.Brightside EP


Audrey Tatou nabs “The DaVinci Code” female lead

Variety is reporting that Audrey Tatou (Amelie) will play the lead female role of Sophie Neveu in “The DaVinci Code” opposite Tom Hanks and Jean Reno (Leon). Ron Howard will be directing off a script by Akiva Goldsman (“A Beautiful Mind”) for Sony/Columbia Pictures. Shooting is scheduled to begin in May. Based on the bestselling novel by Dan Brown, Hanks will take on the role of Professor Robert Langdon, who is called into question regarding a mysterious death at the famous Louvre Museum. Tatou plays a cryptologist who helps Langdon solve the clues regarding the death, which they find leading up to a conspiracy that the truth to thousands of years of history could all be hidden in many works of art and monuments. Jean Reno will play detective Bezu Fache, who is on the run looking for the two. (Cinema Confidential)

The Decemberists:: New album and tour dates

The Decemberists Picaresque, comes out on march 22nd, and then all you lucky kids get to see them on tour.. The Decemberists: “Advance of the Picaroons Tour 2005” Part One (all shows with with Okkervil River):

3.16.05 – Wow Hall Eugene, OR

3.17.05 – Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR

3.18.05 – Showbox Seattle, WA

3.19.05 – Richard’s on Richards Vancouver, BC

3.22.05 – Bimbo’s San Francisco, CA

3.23.05 – Bimbo’s San Francisco, CA

3.24.05 – Henry Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA

3.25.05 – Cane’s San Diego, CA

3.26.05 – Glass House Pomona, CA

3.28.05 – Lo Fi Cafe Salt Lake City, UT

3.29.05 – Fox Theatre Boulder, CO

3.31.05 – Trees Dallas, TX

4.01.05 – Fat Cat Houston, TX

4.02.05 – Emo’s Outside Austin, TX

4.04.05 – Blue Note Columbia, MO

4.05.05 – Granada Theatre Lawrence, KS

4.06.05 – The Mill Iowa City, IA

4.07.05 – Metro Chicago, IL

4.08.05 – Barrymore Theatre Madison, WI

4.09.05 – Fine Line Minneapolis, MN

4.11.05 – Montana – TBA