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Kingblind Album Giveaway:: The Futureheads

The prizes are 2 autographed copies of The Futureheads debut CD and 1 runner-up receives a non-autographed CD (OPEN TO US Residents ONLY) Send your name and address to and with the subject FUTUREHEADS

and we will pick 3 winners randomly.. Good Luck!

Sunderland four-piece The Futureheads are both an intriguing and powerful mass of contradictions. They are a band who – like all the best bands – look and feel like a gang, but who, in this instance, can rarely agree on anything at all. A band who have deliberately set themselves only short-term, low-key goals, but are, realistically, on the verge of going all the way. A band who recognize and salute the DIY ethic, while simultaneously detesting its implicit under-achievement. A band who can accurately cite Devo, Queen, Fugazi and Kate Bush as influences, but who have carved out their own instantly identifiable sonic niche. Maybe it’s a result of the four of them being a reasonably well-functioning democracy. And maybe that’s a result of them each having a microphone and, therefore, four separate voices on stage. And possibly that came aboutbecause, having no PA, they had to have first a music and then a vocal rehearsal, and so decided they might as well each have a bash at singing. Some things about The Futureheads, you see, make straightforward sense…

Official Website

The Futureheads:: “First Day” Video


Futureheads Spring tour dates:

2/21 Washington, D.C.

2/22 New York, NY

2/23 Philadelphia, PA

2/25 Boston, MA

2/26 Montreal, QC

2/27 Toronto, ON

2/28 Detroit, MI

3/1 Chicago, IL

3/3 Minneapolis, MN

3/6 Seattle, WA

3/7 Vancouver, BC

3/8 Portland, OR

3/10 San Francisco, CA

3/11 Los Angeles, CA

3/12 San Diego, CA

3/13 Phoenix, AZ

3/16 Houston, TX*

3/18 Austin, TX*

3/19 Dallas, TX*

*Subject to change