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Luna:: Rendezvous (Album Review)

Although Luna recently announced that Rendezvous will be their final album, they don’t sound like a band on its last legs. Rather, Rendezvous is among the group’s finest works, incorporating all of the elements that made Dean Wareham and company one of the most reliably great collectives of the last dozen or so years. It’s all here, from the dreamy balladry of “Cindy Tastes of Barbecue” and “The Owl & The Pussycat,” to the strummy guitar bliss of “Astronaut.” Each of Rendezvous 11 tunes is executed with confidence, grace, and finesse. Luna even adds a new wrinkle to their sound, as guitarist Sean Eden takes over on lead vocals for two tracks. Far from being the filler one might expect, Eden’s songs are lovely country-pop gems – hopefully we’ll get a full-fledged solo album from him soon. So if Rendezvous really is the note Luna is going out on, it’s undoubtedly a high one.