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Monday, November 29, 2004

The top 15 albums of 2004

WOW.. Was 2004 quite a year for music.. Maybe the best year of music that we can recall since about 92’and 92 was a REALLY freakin good year! (Well it was no 67, 77 or 85 but heck it was good!) anyways.. This list before you has taken much time and turmoil to compile.. Under each review you will find our favorite single from that release for your downloading pleasure. highly encourages everyone to purchase these records if you like the songs that you hear. We hope you enjoy these albums as much as we do.. Ladies and Gentleman please welcome the top 15 albums of 2004.

(1) Brian Wilson:: Smile

37 years in the waiting.. Was it worth it.. YES.. I made the bold statement earlier in the year that nothing could top Van Lear Rose as album of the year.. Well.. Nothing expect Smile.. What can I write that hasn’t already been said. Brian Wilson’s Teenage Symphony to God.. Genius!! and our pick for Album of the year. (Surf’s Up MP3 Download)

(2) Loretta Lynn:: Van Lear Rose

Garage-rock hero Jack White producing honky-tonk legend Loretta Lynn? And Lynn comparing him to renowned Nashville producer Owen Bradley? Yes, we all know the world is rapidly shrinking, but now we’ve seen everything. Most stunning of all–they nailed it. For the first time, Lynn has written all of an album’s songs, and her lyrics are as cutting and incisive as ever. On the powerful, biting “Family Tree,” she brings her babies to the home of her husband’s mistress, so that they can see the “woman that’s burning down our family tree.” Throughout she cunningly tackles tried-and-true honky-tonk themes of love gone bad, drinkin’, cheatin’, and murder. Lynn even offers a compelling slice of theological fatalism (“God Makes No Mistakes”). White’s production–mostly stark and atmospheric–ranges from more-traditional country to straight-up White Stripes, with most tracks falling somewhere in between. White duets with Lynn on the rousing one-night-stand story “Portland, Oregon,” but he does not need to sing to leave his personal stamp. At 70, Lynn seems thoroughly engaged and delighted; at times she delivers some of the most emotionally potent singing of her career. A decade earlier, Johnny Cash turned to rock and rap producer Rick Rubin, and the move resuscitated Cash’s career. Now, Jack White has done the same for Loretta Lynn, another country legend whose music is simply too raw and honest for the contemporary country crowd. Van Lear Rose exceeds all expectations, a bold collaboration in which artists from two different musical universes forge a memorable work that neither could have created alone. (Portland Oregon MP3 Download)

(3) TV on the Radio:: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

If Peter Gabriel made a experimental doo-wop album it might sound something like this. TVOTR is a highly original group from Brooklyn, NY characterized by vocals that range from crazily high-pitched to group chanting and a pop-based sound that’s rampantly experimental but always melodic. Unlike their school-of-’78-in-’04 peers such as the Rapture and Interpol, TVOTR’s music is as rooted in blues, free jazz and gospel as it is the post-punk canon or contemporary electronic music. This makes Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes far more interesting, naturally; the purely vocal “Ambulance” is novel and exciting as anything by Björk, Spongehead Experience or Pere Ubu. With lyrics that impressively, and un-preachingly, tackle issues of race and war. This is killer stuff.. welcome to number 3 boys (Staring at the Sun MP3 Download)

(4) Modest Mouse:: Good News For People Who Love Bad News

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment Modest Mouse started sounding like a real band. For the longest time, singer-songwriter Isaac Brock seemed to exist solely to defy the established rules, forging forward on sheer momentum and ingenuity. Even Pavement looked relatively ordinary in comparison to the band’s early releases like 1996’s This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About and 1997’s The Lonesome Crowded West. But on Good News For People Who Love Bad News, the front man sounds like he’s finally touching the earth, and the band–minus founding member and drummer Jeremiah Green–follows suit. A relaxed mood prevails, not so much in volume but in attitude. On the follow-up to the group’s 2000 major label debut, The Moon & Antarctica, big sloppy melodies battle it out with brass on punky epics like “Float On” and “The Ocean Breathes Salty.” The lyrics are simpler, the arrangements tamer, but the vitality remains. The prevailing mood is that Modest Mouse has pulled off something extraordinary here: a well-rounded, lovable record that doesn’t sound anything like David Gray… and thank god for that!

(Ocean Breathes Salty MP3 Download)

(5) Arcade Fire:: Funeral

Montreal’s Arcade Fire brings a theatricality, an intensity, an insanity, and a penchant for amazing hooks to their debut full-length. You’ve never heard such energy, beauty, and emotion from such a young band. Fans of Neutral Milk Hotel, Broken Social Scene, and Roxy Music’s first two albums will have a new favorite band. (Neighborhood #2 (Laika) MP3 Download)

(6) Mastodon:: Leviathan

The sound on Leviathan seems bottomless and infinite in the best possible way: it’s not a dip in the pool; it’s a headlong cliff dive into deep waters. There are remarkable no-they-didn’t-yes-they-did changes littering Leviathan like chum in shark territory. A completely amazing record. Metal may never be the same. (Blood and Thunder MP3 Download)

(7) Beastie Boys:: To the 5 Boroughs

The hiatus is back off, again, for the Beastie Boys, and music lovers who will bob their heads with insuppressible glee. With its Nice & Smooth impersonations and shout outs to Brooklyn’s Albee Square Mall, To the 5 Boroughs, their first album in six years, harkens the return of the trio to the city that made them who they are today. It’s an up-tempo yet surprisingly homogenous assemblage of vintage electro-style party beats, and it’s a strictly Beastie affair: the Boys co-wrote and produced each track themselves, which means that it sports none of the sonic fripperies and quirky collaborations that distinguished previous classics such as Paul’s Boutique. Finally jelling after two years of on-again, off-again recording, To the 5 Boroughs will appeal to those fans old enough to remember the Licensed to Ill tour. Those old-schoolers are sure to appreciate the album’s mostly off-the-cuff lyrics and minimal-to-the-extreme musical landscape–even if its stripped-down sound may leave others longing for the days when the Boys were California dreamin’. (An open letter to NYC MP3 Download)

(8) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds:: Abattoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus

Nick Cave still scares the hell out of us. This dark crooner can be caustic and creepy one minute and then turn around and be all romantic and swoony the next. He gets all beautiful on your ass for the Orpheus portion of this double-disc set, then explodes with a pounding intensity on Abattoir Blues that’ll knock your socks off. With the noticeable departure of Cave’s longtime partner in noise, Blixa Bargeld, the Bad Seeds seem freer to explore a variety of different sounds throughout both discs. And that’s great. Standouts like “Easy Money” combine stark piano, sweeping strings and the London Community Gospel Choir, while jams such as “Supernaturally” and “Hiding All Away” prove that Cave’s deep baritone has not gone soft. And, of course, a song like “Cannibal’s Hymn” suggests that his lyrics aren’t getting mushy, either. Great stuff. (Get Ready for Love MP3 Download)

(9) Iron & Wine:: Our Endless Numbered Days

Florida’s brilliant singer-songwriter Sam Beam expands Iron & Wine from solo project to a gaggle of friends and family on slide guitar, percussion, and backing vocals on his second album. Fans need not worry–the hushed immediacy and rich melodies remain the focus–but new flavors abound. For instance, the strange “Cinder And Smoke” sounds like a collaboration (with banjos of course) between America, Robert Wyatt and Low. Meanwhile, “On Your Wings,” “Free Until They Cut Me Down,” and “Teeth in the Grass” showcase a brooding, earthy, Southern-rock-on-laudanum side that the band had previously only demonstrated in concert. It’s rare when an artist who’s become known for bedroom recordings makes the transition to the studio to produce work that’s better–Daniel Johnston, Lou Barlow, and Liz Phair all made their defining moments crouched above a cassette recorder at home. But Beam is the exception to the rule, as he has easily bested himself on the second Iron & Wine album. (Naked as we came MP3 Download)

(10) Elliott Smith:: from a basement on the hill

Elliott Smith’s music always had a scruffy beauty, but his passing last year has made these songs unbearably poignant. Compiled by a former girlfriend and longtime producer Rob Schnapf, basement sticks to the depths where the musician was most comfortable: troubled with love, drug use and dealing with death. He pushes himself in every way with the emotionally raw, telling and sonically daring work. So, whether he’s writing a twisted love song such as “Pretty (Ugly Before)” or putting a masterful production spin on his own Beatles-esque tunes (“Little One,” “A Passing Feeling”), Elliott’s captivating touch and open-book lyrics make every song sound like the most important one you’ll ever hear. Exquisite, angry, sad and personal, basement is a beautiful swan song of one of this generation’s best. (Coast to Coast MP3 Download)

(11) Guided by Voices:: Half Smiles of the Decomposed

And as such it’s a befitting epitaph for a career with many more high kicks than low ones. It’s GbV’s last call, and they made it a good one. Ignore the indie press and their calls of anger.. Yes this is not the next Alien Lanes and it was never intended to be that.. It’s just a really great rock record by one of the most important indie bands of all time.. Bob and the boys will be missed. (Gonna Never have to Die MP3 Download)

(12) The Hives:: Tyrannosaurus Hives

The Hives created their own universe on Veni Vidi Vicious, an album so fully-realized and near-perfectly executed that it ranks as the best album of the 21st century garage revival scene. Tyrannosaurus Hives lacks its predecessor’s cohesive vision, but it finds the band in excellent form, exploring universes beyond their own. One of the year’s best. (Abra Cadaver MP3 Download)

(13) DJ Danger Mouse:: The Grey Album

For what it is, for what it does, for what it represents and for exposing the idiocy of people who only care about ‘what it earns us’, then, a truly, TRULY great pop record. (99 Problems MP3 Download)

(14) Pedro the Lion:: Achilles Heel

Achilles’ Heel, Pedro the Lion’s fifth album, is a hallmark for the band, a culmination of their previous work, and — upon its release — their best album to date. Breaking down the linear narratives of The Only Reason I Feel Secure and Control into broader concepts and themes that rely far less on storytelling and more on topical personal politics turns out to be a winning approach. Walking through the emotional fray of America’s suburban ennui, David Bazan and company have built a beautiful and wavering mix of indie rock and country-folk. (Foregone Conclusions MP3 Download)

And then we have a tie…

(15 TIE) Kings of Leon:: Aha Shake Heartbreak

It is less malevolent than witless – the kind of thing you would expect from a bunch of rednecks that have suddenly found themselves rock stars, with all the attendant trappings. But the music on Aha Shake Heartbreak suggests something else entirely, a sophistication that belies their hick image and outstrips their contemporaries. No Sophomore slump here folks.. They left that to the Strokes. Ignore the lyric booklet and you have one of the more impressive albums of 2004. (Slow Night, So Long MP3 Download)

(15 TIE) These Arms Are Snakes:: Oxeneers Or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go

If the Jesus Lizard and At the Drive In got in a street fight it might sound something like this. Post hardcore at it’s finest. The highly anticipated debut record from this Seattle outfit.. This baby will just floor you.. (The Shit Sisters MP3 Download)

Albums in 2004 that almost made the list

Bad Religion:: The Empire Strikes First

Drive by Truckers:: The Dirty South

Pinback:: Summer in Abandon

Clinic:: Winchester Cathedral

Part Chimp:: Chart Pimp

Hot Snakes:: Audit in Progress

Green Day:: American Idiot

Albums in 2005 that are going to make us very happy

The High Strung:: Moxie Bravo

Low:: The Great Destroyer

Mercury Rev:: The Secret Migration

The biggest disappointments of 2004 (From bands that we love)

PJ Harvey ‘Uh Huh Her’

Sonic Youth ‘Sonic Nurse’

Interpol ‘Antics’

Wilco ‘A Ghost is Born’

Kingblind’s Top 15 albums of 2003


Friday, November 26, 2004

Kingblind’s MP3 Downloads

The Police:: Synchronicity (Album Download)


Muse:: Origin of Symmetry (Album Download)


Drive by Truckers:: Live 2/15/04 Bottom of the Hill, SF- CAL


Thom Yorke – Bridge School Benefit – 2002-10-26 & 2002-10-27 – (SHN)


MC5:: The Best of (.aac) (Album Download)


The Cure:: Greatest Hits (Album Download)

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Presents: A night of Holiday Films and noWax

(The evening kicks off with a couple of our favorite holiday films)

The Grinch who stole christmas (8:30pm till 9:00pm)

A Nightmare Before Christmas (9:00pm till 10:20pm

(Then comes the music)

(10:30pm till 2:30am)


The New DJ Revolution: mp3j’s who use iPods: “Somewhere in East Atlanta the turntables are motionless. The only thing spinning is a chorus of iPod hard drives, or the ceiling (if you’re friends with the bartender). The club is the Echo Lounge and the event is called noWax. The concept for noWax is simple: MP3s, not wax. iPods, not decks. On noWax nights, mp3j’s bring their iPods and wait for the automated projector above the DJ booth to flash their number. They then plug-in and mix three songs back-to-back against another mp3j. noWax is a public competition very similar to ‘Rap Battles’, a la Eminem’s movie 8 Mile.” except of course.. The music will be MUCH better. This is the first event of it’s kind in North America.. and it’s happening on Wednesday December 15th 2004 at The Echo Lounge.

noWax was originally conceived in London and will their blessing and help of the founders. and the Echo Lounge is proud to present noWax.. Let the revolution begin!!

Wednesday, December 15th 2004

Doors 8:00pm

Echo Lounge

551 Flat Shoals Ave

Atlanta, GA 30316

Cost: 100% FREE

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE EVENT INFO Album Giveaway:: ELEFANT- “Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid”

Pop music seems to be most fulfilling when it is able to convey the gravity of human desire and disappointment; if youthful confusion and self-doubt are a part of it, so much the better. But few bands in recent years have been able to articulate this torrent of emotions with any sort of genuine sensitivity. Rather, we’ve endured a decade and a half’s worth of sullen indie rock, whiney emo, and clumsy nu-metal. Even as an exhilarating new music scene unfolded in New York, one which seemed to draw on decidedly more complex and sophisticated influences, there was a gaping hole of bands that relied more on grace than abrasiveness. Yes, Elefant are a New York band at a time when just being from New York holds enormous cachet. But their appeal would seem to be virtually without limit. Indeed, when suggested that “Elefant’s debut is so strong, you may find yourself shouting its praises from a rooftop,” one imagines that those yet uninitiated to their music will thank you for doing so.

We have 3 copies of the record to giveaway.. To enter please send an email to:: we will randomly pick 3 winners through out the day.
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MP3:: Misfit (remix)


Amazon link

<a href="

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Thursday, November 25, 2004



Monday 11-29-04: THE KINGBLIND.COM TOP 15 RECORDS OF 2004


Thanksgiving Day Mega MP3 Downloads

Huge Punk / Garage Album Downloads from:

The Hives – Tyrannosaurus Hives

Misconduct – “United As One”

Tsunami Bomb – “Definitive Act”

Beatsteaks – “Smack Smash”

Guttermouth – “Eat Your Face”


The almost complete AC/DC Discography


Dashboard Confessional Discography (Album(s) Download)


And of course.. The classic Thanksgiving day song / record

Arlo Guthrie; Alice’s Restaurant Massacre


Luna:: Rendezvous (Album Review)

Although Luna recently announced that Rendezvous will be their final album, they don’t sound like a band on its last legs. Rather, Rendezvous is among the group’s finest works, incorporating all of the elements that made Dean Wareham and company one of the most reliably great collectives of the last dozen or so years. It’s all here, from the dreamy balladry of “Cindy Tastes of Barbecue” and “The Owl & The Pussycat,” to the strummy guitar bliss of “Astronaut.” Each of Rendezvous 11 tunes is executed with confidence, grace, and finesse. Luna even adds a new wrinkle to their sound, as guitarist Sean Eden takes over on lead vocals for two tracks. Far from being the filler one might expect, Eden’s songs are lovely country-pop gems – hopefully we’ll get a full-fledged solo album from him soon. So if Rendezvous really is the note Luna is going out on, it’s undoubtedly a high one.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Kingblind’s MP3 Downloads

U2:: How to dismantle and atomic bomb (Album Download)


The Cure:: S/T (Album Download)


The Police:: Ghost in the Machine (Album Download)


Sonic Youth – Live @ Ilosaari 2003


U2:: Achtung Baby Live


The Walkmen; christmas party [from the new limited run holiday 7″ single]


Kingblind’s Favorite Finds

HP is developing a wearable badge that will blur your face in photos taken by a digital camera


Dan Rather to resign from CBS




Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Kingblind’s Music Downloads (Live and Rare Edition)

Camper Van Beethoven- 3/18/04- The Vic- Chicago, Il


Nirvana:: The Peel Sessions


Radiohead – Thieves in NY (live @ Electric lady studios)


Bryan Ferry – “Alphaville” Unreleased Album Produced by Dave Stewart


James Mercer (lead singer of The Shins) (solo) – 2004-10-10 – Moonshine Festival


Tom Waits – The Black Rider Demos – plus Thalia Theatre performs Black Rider


Kingblind’s Favorite Finds

Re-assasinating Kennedy


G-CANS Project. A look at the massive storm drains under Tokyo, that took twelve years to build


U2 re-legitimizes music on Saturday Night Live


Low Plans 2005 Tourdates and new Album

Duluth, MN trio Low make their debut with Sub Pop this January with the release of their 7th LP, The Great Destroyer (named after me, no doubt). Produced by the multi-talented Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Delgados, Mercury Rev), the album is purported to be the band’s “most agressive” yet — which could mean one or two songs may actually have a tempo. The album’s first single, “Monkey,” is avaliable now as an iTunes exclusive for its iTunes Indie Sampler 3. Also available at iTunes is Low’s “Just like Christmas,” which is probably a song about dialectical materialism. In celebration of the new, “aggressive,” David Fridmann-produced, January Sub Pop-released, first single “Monkey”-sportin’ album, Low has added several U.S. dates to their hectic winter schedule, including two nights at NYC’s famed Bowery Ballroom and a one-night-stand at Ohio State’s beautiful Wexner Center for the Performing Arts in February. Perhaps intentionally, Low also enables TMT the chance of providing the very first 2005 tourdates. How fucking exciting. Guitarist Alan Sparhawk recently played a handful of U.S. solo shows, and though we have no concrete evidence, we assume he later joined the rest of the band for a tour of Spain that concluded last night. They have one more show scheduled for the year, and TMT predicts it’ll be at Scala in London, UK. (tinymixedtapes)

I am the walrus:

02.01.05 – Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop

02.03.05 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom

02.04.05 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom

02.05.05 – Somerville, MA – Somerville Theatre

02.09.05 – Newport, KY – Southgate House

02.10.05 – Columbus, OH – Wexner Center for the Performing Arts

02.11.05 – Chicago, IL – Metro

02.18.05 – London, UK – Royal Festival Hall

The Great Destroyer tracklist:

1. Monkey

2. California

3. Everybody’s Song

4. Silver Rider

5. Just Stand Back

6. On The Edge Of

7. Cue The Strings

8. Step

9. When I Go Deaf

10. Broadway (So Many People)

11. Pissing

12. Death Of A Salesman

13. Walk Into The Sea

Monday, November 22, 2004

Kingblind’s MP3 Downloads

Jimmy Eat World:: Futures (Album Download)


Ash:: Free All Angels (Album Download)




Trail Of Dead – The Secret Of Elena’s Tomb EP (EP Download)


Ministry – Houses Of The Molé (Album Download)


Kingblind’s Favorite Finds

Feel Free to Jack Into My IPod


Rock ‘n’ roll road tips


Bush twins try to get a table at a NYC restaurant, maitre ‘d tells them the restaurant is full for the next four years.


Sunday, November 21, 2004 presents a night of Holiday Film and Music

Wednesday December 15th 2004– Echo Lounge-551 Flat Shoals Ave- Atlanta, GA

A Holiday Film Night with

A Nightmare before Christmas and The Grinch who stole Christmas

w/ The DJ’s of Rock and Roll High School

8:00pm — Cost 100% FREE