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The Scott Giampino Record Drive

Weds. Oct. 20, 2004 – 9 pm till close

The Mirabeau Room

529 Queen Anne Ave. North

Seattle, Wa 98115

(206) 217-0654

Featuring DJ Self Administered Beatdown, DJ El Toro, DJ Cherry Canoe, and Freddy, King of Pants

On the morning of Friday, August 6, 2004, Scott Giampino – a k a DJ Self Adminstered Beatdown – and his family were the victims of arson. They lost virtually everything they own… including Scott’s record collection, which included several thousand vintage LPs of funk, punk, soul, garage and classic, as well his antique jukebox full of original 45s. Insurance will replace many of the possessions Scott, Ali and young Max lost as a consequence of this malicious crime. But as any good record collector knows, no insurance company in the world can replace all the music that went up in flames, nor will the compensation afforded Scott reflect all the years and energy (to say nothing of cash) he had devoted to amassing his record collection. To expedite the rebuilding of Scott’s record collection, and a lot of well-meaning Seattle music fans present GIAMPINO HOT WAX, a non-stop dance party on Weds., Oct. 20 at The Mirabeau Room in Lower Queen Anne. Perhaps you know Scott from his days at Touch & Go, or behind the drum kit of Cash Audio, or from the Triple Door or the Showbox. Maybe you or one of your bands has worked with Ali via Billions. Perhaps Max drops by for play dates with your son or daughter. Or maybe you’re just a well-meaning DJ or music lover who knows how hard it would suck to lose your record collection. Regardless, we’re reaching out to you.

To gain admission to all the party, all you have to do is any one of the following 3 things:

a) CLICK HERE and select one of the titles at the registry of LPs lost, furnished by the man, the myth, the bacon-lover himself, Scott Giampino. PLEASE PRINT OUT THE LIST AND EMAIL GIAMPINO@KINGBLIND.COM and we will update it with what has been purchased. Show up at the party with said record under your arm, surrender it joyously to Scott as you arrive, and commence drinking and dancing while the tunes spin;

b) Show up with a gift certificate worth $5 or more to any Seattle independent record store. Sonic Boom Records, Easy Street Records, Everyday Music, Respect Records, and Jive Time are all good choices.

c) Simply pony up $5 cash at the door, and trust that Scott will spend it wisely on new (and used) vinyl.


a) CLICK HERE and follow the directions above. But instead of delivering the LP in person, mail it to:

Giampino Hot Wax

c/o Kurt B. Reighley

4509 Interlake Ave. North, #329

Seattle, WA 98103

b) Send a gift certificate, for any amount, from any independent record store with an online sales presence, to the address above. Good choices besides the aforementioned vendors include Dusty Groove (, Other Music (, Forced Exposure (, or Aquarius Records (

Questions? E-mail DJ El Toro at We look forward to seeing you on Oct. 20th at the Mirabeau Room!

For up to the minute details go to: