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OutKast’s The Love Below movie is reportedly in jeopardy due to an ailing budget and the group’s erratic behavior.

According to The Scoop, HBO executives are struggling to keep the project afloat. Sources say the flick is weeks behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget. advertisement”The director [Bryan Barber] seems to have lost control, but HBO can’t fire him because he’s a big buddy of OutKast – practically the third member of the group,” an insider told The Scoop. “[He directed OutKast’s videos] brilliantly, but there’s a big difference between directing a video and directing a movie.” Word is HBO has written to Andre 3000 about missing days on the set and executives have even flown to Wilmington, NC, where production is taking place in attempt to restore order. A HBO spokesperson denied that the project was heading downhill. In addition, the rep stated that Andre and Big Boi have shown professionalism and that Barber is directing the flick in the right direction. “(He) is the right man for the project. We love him,” the spokesperson told The Scoop. “The film will speak for itself. We’re very happy with it.”