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Human Television:: S/T (Album Review)

I’ve grown weary of easy comparisons. Influences, I can live with. Carbon copies are a little tiring. Yes, Human Television are “C-86”, early Creation, the sound of a pre-Acid House England. The press kit reels off Felt, The Wedding Present, The Go-Betweens, even New Order as references. And there are ghosts of all these bands haunting these songs. Maybe I’m too old, having lived through this movement first hand on the dear old shores of Blighty. Maybe I’m just hoping, fingers crossed, for something original to blow me away. Maybe I’m too jaded. Or maybe I don’t want to see grown men in paisley shirts and flat caps ineffectually strumming Rickenbackers once again. Whatever the reasons, I can’t really get behind Human Television. However, if you are young and haven’t been beaten to death with this kind of music, repeatedly, then definitely check this out. And if you are older and want to reminisce about the good old days when The Chameleons and The House of Love ruled your world, please feel free to listen. Human Television are not a bad band. They are just a jangly, popadelic déjà vu I can happily live without. (Review by L.A.M.)