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Rilo Kiley:: “More Adventurous” (Album Review)

I can’t listen to Rilo Kiley’s “More Adventurous” at work. Every time I slip the disk into my laptop and power up the speakers, by song two or three, someone is in my office asking me “What IS that song?” I think it is former child TV star Jenny Lewis’ sultry voice that catches in the back of her throat with a slow ache that makes them come running to my door. Or maybe it is the cleverly written lyrics about everyday situations that seem about to spiral out of control…but suddenly don’t. I’m not sure, but it works every time. With a mix of styles and sounds, “More Adventurous” seems the work of a band on its own adventure. On “Portions for Foxes” and “Love and War” Rilo Kiley goes full force into the land of rocked out pop song replete with tight drumming and flying guitars. Over it all Jenny Lewis’ voice growls high and loud – folks who want lip-synch alone in their rooms Pat Benatar-style, these are for you. The album veers from the languid 40’s sounds of “Ripcord” to the heartbreakingly pretty tones of “It Just Is” and “The Absence of God”. The attention to detail in each song give the album staying power, it’s not just the vocals that get all the attention, there are orchestral arrangements to spare and smart beats to back up Jenny’s gorgeous voice. These are songs that stick in your head all day, and just when you think you are over your personal favorite, a new fav comes to take its place. Back in my office, it’s quitting time and I can’t leave because one more person just stopped in their tracks outside my door listening to Jenny sing “Does he love you? Does he love you?” on track two and inevitably the question comes again…”What IS that song?.” (Review by: Erica Goldsmith)