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Oliveri stranded

Nick Oliveri, the former bass player for Queens Of The Stone Age, has described how members of his new band, Mondo Generator, abandoned him in the middle of the German countryside. Band mates Dave Catching, Molly Mcguire, and Alfredo Hernandez left Oliveri stranded following an incident when he attacked a soundman at a previous evening’s gig. Apparently, after becoming agitated by what he perceived as the poor sound, Oliveri jumped from the stage and broke the nose and teeth of the unfortunate engineer. The band’s subsequent show in Cervia, Italy was cancelled. Writing in a diary on their official website, Oliveri writes: “I’m sorry to have to cancel the accoustic (sic) show in Cervia…I have never in 16 years of playing shows and touring canceled (sic). “I am extremely angry about this and will make it up to you. The truth is I was asked to leave the bus we have been touring on, and was left on the side of the road in Germany somewhere.” Oliveri was kicked out of Queens Of The Stone Age earlier this year. Singer and guitartist, Josh Homme, said of his former bandmate: “He’s a tornado, and a tornado just destroys and goes on to the next city. I’m in the tornado cleanup crew, and all I ever see is his detritus and I’m sick of it.”