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Australian artists say “time to go Mr Prime Minister” and release “Rock Against Howard” album

Proving once again that “us Aussies can do anything as good as you Yanks”, a group of Australian artists including Something For Kate, The Fauves, 78 Saab and Youth Group, have combined mind-sets to release a 34 track double compilation album with one very simple and very clear goal – outing current Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Yes that’s right America, our idiot is just as good as your idiot, he just doesn’t have as many bombs at his disposal. The concept for the album “Rock Against Howard” came about when Frenzal Rhomb guitarist Lindsay McDougall realised every musician he knew felt the same way he did about the Aussie PM, and wanted to do something about it. From the press release: “Twenty odd shit hot Aussie artists, from all over the musical sphere, coming together against the common evil, as usual, the bloody libs. We’re not saying vote Labor, we’re not saying vote Green, we’re not saying vote Democrat or Socialist, just don’t bloody vote Liberal.” The situation is seemingly so dire even the Australian Senator for Queensland Andrew Bartlett has formed an 80’s supergroup and recorded a track for the album, proving once again that drastic times do indeed call for drastic measures. No idea why the public should suffer but it is all for a good cause. All artists have wholly donated their time and efforts with all profits going directly to pro-refugee and anti-Howard charities, to be distributed around the country by the Refugee Action Coalition. “Rock Against Howard” is out August 16 through Shock Records. For more information and a full track listing go to