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Danzig Fight (Mpeg Movie)

Footage of Danzig backstage fight (Danzig goes down!)



Glenn Danzig versus the Northside Kings

The Northside Kings are a band. I think from Arizona. I’d tell you more but their website is down due to heavy traffic. Very heavy traffic due to the release of their new hit video. It’s untitled but that would merely classify it. I call it Bald Jesus tramples Satan. The dialogue is obscure and perhaps inspired by Samuel Beckett. “Fuck you, fuck you. Fuck you.” It’s a real meeting of the minds in a crowded backstage. Glenn Danzig, heavy metal moron has his back to the camera. He has long hair and is talking to a large bald man in a black wife beater t-shirt. He has tattoos on his shoulder. Big Fat Jesus points and Glenn motions his hand backwards. Bald Jesus gestures towards the stage and an Asian chick with big dumb glasses and some sort of mardi-gras necklace watches the confrontation with a sort of “I wuz there” clumsiness.. Glenn leans forward and gives a double hand push. Bald Jesus swings with a right and Glenn goes down. The crowd starts screaming, kick his ass, kick his ass. There’s lots of shoving and pushing. Glenn is hustled away. Boys wearing t-shirts emblazoned “metal” on the reverse are in the screen shot. The scene fades to black and the words: “Danny is not threatening “Danzig” and “Danzig” initiates the contact. Note that there is no weapon in Danny’s hand.” What we have here is a video peep into the diary of a modern heavy metal Samuel Pepys. He went to the theater and the actors engaged in a mano-mano battle to the death. Unfortunately, the video camera does not lie and half the world has seen Danzig go down, clutching his Satanic rosary beads made from the bones of frogs. Bald Jesus is a hero now; he stood up to the pseudo-satanic man. The problem is that the people who take this seriously, the people that care (who would want to be backstage at a Danzig gig anyway? People that laugh at Springer without realizing the camera is self reflective….) the folks that really care about Danzig getting his comeuppance are so hyper-marginal and so straight (I am different my shirt reads “metal”) (is this a physiological description?). Danzig fans are Jimmy Buffet parrot heads that want to create insurance fraud crusted with the dust of clarity that only comes when the cell door is closed and Court TV is the venue of slim fame. The guy that beat Danzig up is a future prison guard. The folks that cheered are future psychologists testifying for the prosecution. And the folks that pass this video around are the types that slow down to watch accidents. Like me. (By: Jim Hayes)