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(Jurassic 5:: Hordern Pavillion- Sydney, Australia 24/07/04) CONCERT REVIEW

Winning the hearts and minds of your audience in a foreign land can often be a tricky venture, even when you’re one of the biggest hip-hop acts in the world. A few “hello Sydneys” doesn’t really cut it in this day and age, and not even some skilful jibes at Melbournites wins the home crowd over anymore. But when your DJ warms up the set with a stroll down hip-hop memory lane and casually drops in “From The Nosebleed Section” by local Aussie heroes The Hill Top Hoods, Jurassic 5 could have called our mothers ho’s all night and we still would have blessed their cotton socks. The six-strong rapping ensemble were genuinely overjoyed to be in town tonight, perhaps even more than the massively expectant crowd if at all possible. Chali 2na, hip-hop’s answer to Barry White, literally could not wipe the massive grin off his face all night, yet still managed to be eloquent and rhyme three or so octaves below the audible range of the human ear. Thank god they don’t have a bass player. I don’t think it would be medically sound to be afflicted with all that bass. All of J5’s tricks were out tonight, the trademark quartet chorus chants, the array of bizarre DJ equipment, the impromptu kazoo solos, and killer lyrics from a band totally at their peak and not looking like being even close to winding down. From memory: “Chali 2na you know I got the muscle, I’ve seen hip-hop escape from New York like Kurt Russel”. Genius. (Review by: Chris Deal- Sydney– Kingblind Exclusive)