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Friday, July 30, 2004

Bad Seeds / Neubauten Guitarist on German TV Commercials

Blixa Bargeld (The Bad Seeds / EINSTUERZENDE NEUBAUTEN) does 13 commercials for the german home improvement retailer Hornbach, reading from their catalogs. You can watch the clips at german music TV Viva’s page here: The page is in german, but you can either watch the clips under the banner “Die Spots anschauen” or you can download them under the banner “Die Spots zum Download”.

New Videos from Bad Religion and The Stills

The Stills:: Lola and Stars (Music Video)

CLICK TO VIEW Requires Quicktime

Bad Religion:: Los Angeles is burning (Music Video)

CLICK TO VIEW Requires Quicktime

Friday’s Indie Rock Legal MP3 collection

Glenn Branca:: Lesson No.2


Soul Junk:: Hogging all the Islands


Death Cab for Cutie:: The Employment Pages


The Microphones:: The Moon


Rye Coalition:: Communication Breakdance


The Rectification of Errors & Strategies Against Negative Tendencies

(contributions towards a critique of the Grey Album) by Jim Hayes

The Grey Album by DJ Dangermouse is one of the greatest albums of all time. It’s such a great album, it’s not even an album as commonly designated, The Grey Album exists as a recording. The Grey Album exists as a series of MP3’s. It is a code within a code, dots and numerals transfigured into sound, into a danceable platter. It is greater than great for this action alone. It is a commercial for technology and found objects. It’s an advertisement demonstrating what can be achieved by utilizing pre-existing artistic conditions and transforming them into a new hyper-commodity. Like the mythological Delta bluesman that made guitars out of cigar boxes and cat guts; DJ Dangermouse strings together two long playing records into a bloody drag trail. He traces elements of “found” music into the skidding silence of lawsuits, denunciations and the hum of CD’s being burned coast to coast. The archaic hand clicks mice, pages are pulled up and volumes become adjusted from library cubicle to college dorm to car stereo. The rafters shake and the heads nod in a unison of musical cartographers-the hip hop ravers meet the scribbling scribes. Bartleby the scrivener adjusts his flares and pulls his headphones over his eyes. Our culture constantly retreats from the value of the individual in the conglomerate of pre-packaged video icons, images that tessellate into advertisements, publicity people and fortresses of law. DJ Dangermouse (our hero) reacts by taking splinters of cultural collateral and turning them on themselves as entirely new forms. The forces of cultural imperialism demand that music be consumed passively, a ticket, a DVD, a compact disc-the fan relinquishes his power once the money is in the till. DJ Dangermouse reverses this trend by making the music come alive with his own interaction within it. “Flash is back, flash is cool.” The Grey Album features a unique mix of music and social currency. The nature of its release defines “cool” into several categories: I got it, I downloaded it and I changed the file into a form that can be burned and shared, that can be a scorched earth policy. The listener is “cool” because s/he “owns” a selection of cutting edge music, determined by the sound and the medium. Not only is the “owner” cool by enjoying DJ Dangermouse (your “hero”) the owner is able to distribute the music to others. (Do I wanna score? Score! The soccer scores are coming in from the capital…) Why is it acceptable that music makers can resell their songs to television commercials? Oh they “made” the music; they “created” the music, more importantly they own the music. They have the choice to decimate the listeners’ experience (initial purchasers of the music) by dissolving personal memories into hat racks on a night like this… DJ Dangermouse is taking back this relationship. The Grey Album has appeared because there is a need for it to appear. People feel powerless and immune before any shavings of ecclesiastical power, DJ Dangermouse reveals himself to be a technological performance artist priest. A site specific piece that now has a web site and a lawsuit naming dozens of Jane and John Does for the horrible (federal) crime of sharing music. The tons of legal paperwork flair out into a bottomless bell of performance, shuffling, bowing, scarping and filing. DJ Dangermouse is no mere DJ, he is an occult manipulator that has set forces into motion he does not understand, nor control. Only a legal expert can explain the difference between Robert Johnson singing in 1937 “squeeze my lemon until the juice runs down my leg” to Robert Planted singing the same lyric in 1969. From Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller) singing “lots a people talking, mighty few people know” to (again) (sigh) Robert Planted singing the same thing in 1969. The 1981 issue of “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On the Wheels of Steel” is the first ancestor of the Grey Album. On this mind boggling 12” Grandmaster Flash collages the records of Chic’s “Good Times”, Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”, The Sugarhill Gang’s “8th Wonder”, The Furious Five’s “Birthday Party”, Sequence & Spoonie Gee’s “Monster Jam” and Blondie’s “Rapture” (“Flash is back, flash is cool). This record was the first popular instance of sampling and meshing and mixing. It ends with a child’s voice, “Daddy, tell me a story;” which links it up to the mother’s voice on the Grey Album, “Shawn was a strange child.” Not to forget the 1987 album by Culturcide “Tacky Souvenirs of a Pre-Revolutionary America” out of San Antonio. These Texas pranksters, these un-idle satirists sang post-situationist lyrics exactly on top of songs by Bruce Springsteen, Huey Lewis, Michael Jackson et al….the heart of rock and roll is the cash…vocalist Perry Webb takes an ironic look at rock and roll as by taking away the irony. “The heart of rock and roll is the cash,” he sings atop Huey Nuisance. In the same time frame comes the Iowa City pioneers the Tape Beatles. The Tape Beatles were a group of art punks from Iowa. They used analog cassettes to chop up various Beatles songs into new arrangements and alternate mixes. Now they live in Prague. The non-commodity fun of file sharing. A voice mail message asks me to burn another copy for a recent parent. It seems her brother stole the “original” I made for her. How can someone steal something that’s free? How can someone steal something that is already stolen? My memories of the original Beatle songs are false; they were planted by the endless cylindrical calendar and the pseudo-holiday celebrations extolled on television. DJ Dangermouse has no right to reinterpret these recent events. The Grey Album represents a spirit of creative freedom that inspires. It is a candle that burns on both ends that one can use as a cigarette lighter. Unlike plenty of “experimental” music that is more fun to read about than actually listen to (The Residents come to mind) the Grey Album is fun to listen to and its hand shake welcomes the listener to make it for themselves. So far, a connoisseur has crossed Jay Z with Pavement’s “seminal” album which has created a forgettable mix. But it is, of course, the idea of such an anonymous collaboration that makes it interesting (cue Residents music here)…100,000 downloads in several weeks, the bootlegs have appeared featuring covers with Beatle in-jokes to appeal to the rabid Beatle collector/hoarder (Moptopicus Loserosus)…Bowie, “decides” he is going to offer a contest devoted to the best example of “mashing” his work. Didn’t Duchamp mash the Mona Lisa? Isn’t Michael Moore mashing Debord in 9-11 is a Joke? Didn’t Flavor Flav know what he, uhh, meant? Is twilight language the ghost of contempt?

Bastille Day 2004 Marietta, Georgia; United States of America (Jim Hayes is a former writer for the publication Flipside) (Exclusive content for

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Thursday’s MP3 Mash-Up collection

Annies Stoned Rush:: Annie Lennox / Rolling Stones / Rush all mashed into one!


NOTORIOUS TRICK:: Duran Duran Mashed with R&B queen Kelis


Karma in the life:: Radiohead mashed with The Beatles


Rapture Riders:: Doors mashed with Blondie


LONDINIUM LOVES:: Blur / XTC / The Kinks / The Beatles / Bon Jovi / The Bee Gees all mashed as one.


Parkspliced – Blur’s Parklife Revisited and Mutated



BECK has recorded with JACK WHITE. The star is currently working on his new album, the follow-up to ’Sea Change’ with producers The Dust Brothers and Tony Hoffer. The record, the follow-up to 2002’s ’Sea Change’ has been recorded in LA. According to MTV news, White has been in the studio with the star, although the track is yet to be completed or named. Working titles for songs on the album include ‘Guero’, ‘E-Pro’, ‘Scarecrow’ and ‘Chain Reaction’. An exact release date and live shows are to be confirmed. The pair are old pals – Jack joined Beck onstage in Michigan in 2002, while Beck made a cameo appearance in the video for The White Stripes’ single ‘The Hardest Button To Button’ last year.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wednesday’s Legal MP3 Downloads

The Soft Boys:: Mr. Kennedy


William Shatner & Joe Jackson:: Common People (Pulp Cover)


Devo:: Satisfaction (Rolling Stones Cover, Live @ Max’s Kansas City, 1977)


The Fags:: Truly, Truly


The Explosion:: Hero


(Jurassic 5:: Hordern Pavillion- Sydney, Australia 24/07/04) CONCERT REVIEW

Winning the hearts and minds of your audience in a foreign land can often be a tricky venture, even when you’re one of the biggest hip-hop acts in the world. A few “hello Sydneys” doesn’t really cut it in this day and age, and not even some skilful jibes at Melbournites wins the home crowd over anymore. But when your DJ warms up the set with a stroll down hip-hop memory lane and casually drops in “From The Nosebleed Section” by local Aussie heroes The Hill Top Hoods, Jurassic 5 could have called our mothers ho’s all night and we still would have blessed their cotton socks. The six-strong rapping ensemble were genuinely overjoyed to be in town tonight, perhaps even more than the massively expectant crowd if at all possible. Chali 2na, hip-hop’s answer to Barry White, literally could not wipe the massive grin off his face all night, yet still managed to be eloquent and rhyme three or so octaves below the audible range of the human ear. Thank god they don’t have a bass player. I don’t think it would be medically sound to be afflicted with all that bass. All of J5’s tricks were out tonight, the trademark quartet chorus chants, the array of bizarre DJ equipment, the impromptu kazoo solos, and killer lyrics from a band totally at their peak and not looking like being even close to winding down. From memory: “Chali 2na you know I got the muscle, I’ve seen hip-hop escape from New York like Kurt Russel”. Genius. (Review by: Chris Deal- Sydney– Kingblind Exclusive)

Alternative White Light / White Heat

Ergo Phizmiz plays White Light / White Heat on the Banjo, Bass Guitar, Ruler, Music Box, Violin, Toy Piano, Electric Guitar, Accordion, Squeezebox, Euphonium, Ukulele, Kazoo, Xylophone, Pixiphone, Uumskither, Mbira, Pod, Delay, Turntable, Percussion….


Polyphonic Plans Brief U.S. Spree

Smile-inducing pop chorus the Polyphonic Spree has scheduled a short tour that will visit major Eastern U.S. cities next month. The run will kick off with an Aug. 13-14 stand in Chicago and close with an Aug. 24-25 visit to New York. The tour comes after the 25-plus member Spree spent several months opening for David Bowie and in place of its expected dates on the Lollapalooza tour, which was canceled shortly after tickets went on sale last month. In addition to the new shows, the group has booked an Aug. 26 appearance on CBS’ “The Late Show With David Letterman.” A recently taped visit to the same network’s “The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn” will air tonight (July 27) and an upcoming taping of PBS’ “Austin City Limits” will premiere in November. Fans of the evangelical sideshow will notice a change, as the group has traded its white stage robes for brightly colored versions. But the act’s sophomore Hollywood album, “Together We’re Heavy,” offers more of the soaring rock/glee club fare that is its trademark. The group has set up a dedicated Web site for “Together We’re Heavy,” with streaming audio samples. The Spree’s official site, meanwhile, boasts the U.K. video for the “Heavy” track “Hold Me Now.”

Here are the Polyphonic Spree’s tour dates:

Aug. 13-14: Chicago (Park West)

Aug. 16: Washington, D.C. (9:30 Club)

Aug. 18-19: Boston (Paradise Rock Club)

Aug. 21-22: Philadelphia (First Unitarian Church)

Aug. 24-25: New York (Irving Plaza)

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Tuesday’s tops with these legal MP3 Downloads

Belle and Sebastian:: Electric Renaissance


Of Montreal:: Dissconnect the dots


Danielson Famile:: Cutest Lil’ Dragon


Danielson Famile:: Daughters will tune you


Libertines ‘shut door’ on Pete

After being kicked out of the Libertines, Pete Doherty performed an acoustic set on Friday at a London art gallery to mark the opening of a photo exhibition dedicated to the band. He was briefly joined on stage by Libertines’ drummer Gary Powell, who joined in on hand claps for a track called ‘Don’t Be Shy’ from their new album. Pete dedicated one of his songs in his set to bandmate Carl but backstage it was very different, Pete told Radio1 he feels there’s no going back for him and the Libertines: “The door’s been shut on me from the Libertines. Whether it was the management, whether it was the band, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t want to hang around any place I’m not welcome.” “I can’t betray myself. I feel betrayed. I don’t want to go on about the drugs thing, I try and avoid it as best I can but to say it’s about drugs to me is a cop out.” “At the moment, the only people that are offering me support are the boys and girl in Babyshambles.” Babyshambles are Pete’s side project. He also starts a solo UK tour tonight, (Monday) with a gig at Stereo in Glasgow. The Libertines’ next album is due out next month.

QOTSA Rock Out With ZZ Topper

Add ZZ Top guitarist Billy F. Gibbons to the extended family tree of musicians who have contributed to Queens Of The Stone Age, past and present. The long-bearded, blues king rolled into a Los Angeles studio last week to work with the band. According to QOTSA’s website, the guy came in “at the stroke of midnight and left at 5 in the a.m.” Although most of us are only half-conscious at that time, Gibbons’ early-morning jam session impressed lead singer Josh Homme. On the website, Homme declares that “Billy Gibbons is a bad ass.” There’s no word as to whether the recording will appear on the band’s next album, which has yet to be given a name or release date. It’ll be their first since 2002’s Songs For The Death, which is inching close to a million copies sold. But it’ll also be their first since bassist and singer Nick Oliveri left the group. Oliveri founded the band with Homme — an old high school buddy — for years the two formed the nucleus of a rock group which was constantly changing members. But in February word got out that the two had parted ways due to several incidents that occurred while the band was on tour. Although no one actually said it, all signs indicated that Oliveri was kicked out for partying too much. Around the same time, singer Mark Lanegan left the band to work on his own project. Fans couldn’t help but wonder if drummer Joey Castillo was next to go. Castillo, however, is participating in the current recordings. The other two members are Troy Van Leeuwen and Alain Johannes. As for Gibbons; he’s back on the road touring with ZZ Top. The recording session came during a break in the band’s 49-stop tour of North America. All of the remaining shows are in the United States.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Monday’s Legal MP3 Downloads

beck – cyanide breath mint


Jeremy Enigk – Explain


Crooked Fingers – A Little Bleeding


Crooked Fingers – New Drink for the old drunk


Tom Waits – Alice



I met my love, by the gas works wall. Dreamed a dreeeeam… by the old canal. Kissed a girl, by the factory wall… Dirty old town… Dirty old town… Need we say more? Well yes, but not much. The mighty Pogues are reuniting for the first time in ages, and they’re bringing back Shane! Hurray! He’ll be really fat and pissed mind – you knew that didn’t you?

Here are the dates wot they’ll be playing this Christmas sort of time:

December 13th – 14th: Glasgow Academy

December 16th: Newcastle Arena

December 17th: Birmingham Academy

December 18th: Manchester Evening News Arena

December 20th – 21st – London Brixton Academy

December 23rd: Dublin Point Theatre

If I should fall from grace with God where no doctor can relieve me, I’m buried ‘neath the sod and no angel can receive me, let me go boys, let me go boys! Let me go down in the mud where the rivers all run dry! – TALK!