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Beastie Boys:: “TO THE 5 BOROUGHS” (Album Review)

It’s been close to twenty years since “Licensed To Ill” established THE BEASTIE BOYS as obnoxious, wiseass, arrested adolescents. Since then, over the course of groundbreaking albums like “Paul’s Boutique” and “Check Your Head,” they’ve grown as rappers, musicians, and human beings, but they’ve never totally lost the rep that songs like “Fight For Your Right To Party” gave them. On their latest, “To The Five Boroughs,” only the deaf or the ignorant will mistake this graying, socially conscious trio for the beer-swilling runamucks of days gone by. But that’s not to say that they’ve lost a step musically. “To The Five Boroughs” rocks! No guitars, no long hair, no spacey instrumental jams, just 15 songs over barely more than 40 minutes, so relentless that by the end it’ll leave you gasping. And what other band could mention the Kyoto protocol in one song and “my grandma’s kugel” in the next? A strong contender for album of the year. (Review By: Sal) Check out Sal’s store next time you are in NYC