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New York Dolls:: Royal Festival Hall, London-18th June (Concert Review)

You approach these things with a certain amount of trepidation, don’t ya? Legendary band reforms, you think “No, No No!” but curiosity and a feeling of “I can’t NOT go” grabs you and….The New York Dolls only did a couple of gigs in London in the 70’s, most famously on the roof of fashion emporium Biba. Biba was a temple of faux Art Deco on Kensington High Street which finally had to shut it’s doors due to profit loss through their drag queen employees stealing the stock and selling it on. It’s quite fitting that The Dolls return to this fair city should be at the Royal Festival Hall, a monstrous 50’s Modernist building on the South Bank that people love and hate in equal measures. So they come on… and Izzy Stradlin is doing Johnny Thunders and the bloke from The Libertines is drumming for Billy/Jerry but it really don’t matter. Arthur Kane wasn’t in stack heels and cheap tatt but it was still ARTHUR KANE! Sylvian is Sylvian and he does it well and David Johannsen is fucking amazing. He still looks like a cooler, sexier, low-rent Jagger. They storm through everything you want to hear… “Personality Crisis”, “Jet Boy”, “Mystery Girls” “Babylon” and Johansen mocks shooting up during “Looking For A Kiss” and you just think…. “I need a fix and a kiss”. I’ve seen my favourite 70’s Girl Group, and it was wonderful! (Review By: NOG- London, UK)