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Top 10 Albums of 2004 SO FAR (A half year review)

Holy cow 2004 is a great year for music!! And we still 6 Months to go!! Here are Kingblind’s pick for albums that are worth your valuable time and money. (Albums that are not yet released will be out in about 30 days or less)

Loretta Lynn:: Van Lear Rose

Alright.. I don’t do predictions much.. But I doing one now.. ALBUM OF THE YEAR.. Flawless.

Modest Mouse:: Good News for People who like bad new

I used to hate this band. Now everything has changed. This album will be in the top 5 at years end FOR SURE! GREAT STUFF.

Guided By Voices:: Half Smiles of the Decomposed (Not yet released)

The best album in years. A great swansong

Beastie Boys:: To the 5 boroughs

Welcome back boys. The new soundtrack of summer

Clinic:: Winchester Cathedral (Not yet released)

Liverpool lads do it again

Secret Machines:: Now Here is Nowhere

Pink Floyd meets Led Zep meets the Flaming Lips.. YUM

TV on the Radio:: Desparate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babe

Unique and Brilliant.

The Hives:: Tyrannosaurus Hives (Not yet Released)

AC/DC meets Garage rock. Buy this album the day it comes out.. ROCK BALLS

DJ Danger Mouse:: The Grey Album

A revolution in sound. Mashed music will never be the same again

Probot:: Probot

And Dave played metal and it was good